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We provide Dollu Kunitha (Karnataka) Dance Troupe throughout India. Dollu Kunitha (dance), is a major form of art, occupies the pride of place among folk dances. Dollu Kunitha is a popular drum dance of Karnataka accompanied by singing. It provides both spectacular variety and complexity of skills in the process of demonstration. Woven around the presiding deity of Beereshwara or Beeralingeswara, chiefly worshipped by the Kuruba Gowdas of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, also called Halumathasthas, it presents both entertainment and spiritual edification.

The ritualistic dances of Karnataka are known as “Kunitha”. One such dance is the Dollu Kunitha – a popular dance form of Karnataka, accompanied by the beats of decorated drums and has singing. This dance form is mainly performed by the men of the shepherd community known as the Kuruba community. The Dollu Kunitha is characterized by vigorous drum beats, quick movements and synchronized group formations.

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