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‘Dumhal’, the traditional folk dance of Jammu and Kashmir, was a star attraction at the dress.

‘Dumhal’ is a devotional dance form, which is performed on special occasions by men of Kashmir’s Wattal tribe to invoke divine blessings.

“This dance form is being performed since centuries. ‘Dumhal’ is performed on special occasions and people enjoy this dance immensely,” said Mohammad Shafi, a ‘Dumhal’ performer.

Only the men folk of the Wattal are privileged to perform this dance on specific occasions.

With dancing, the performers sing beautiful songs in chorus. Drums are used to assist the music in the dance. The vocal singing of the participants is tuned with music. The group of performers moves in a ritual manner and dig a banner into the ground on set occasions. Usually, the dance begins with men dancing around this banner. Dumhal is performed on set occasions and at set locations.

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