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Jungle Theme

Safari/Jungle Theme Party is going to be a very nice idea because it will just allow you and all your guests to move into a really different zone in the world; having the sights and sounds of a lot of different animals that you would have never thought of seeing except in a zoo.

We create a stunning entrance with a Monkey Tree Arch or Snake Pit Arch. The whole area is set up in jungle style withlots of palm trees, wild animal cut-outs, hay stocks, Mashaals, animal Bones, Big rocks, skulls, Artificial Bush etc. Bamboo blinds are hanged to give a rustic safari feel to the place.jungle theme party organisers Delhi A palm horizon backdrop would add beauty to the event. We create a silhouette of trees for a look of a forest that goes on forever. Animal decorations including animal print balloons and animal standees make great accents to the decor.

Invitations would be written on big leaves. Each guest would be given tribal costumes to wear, a head band of leaves/hats, binoculars & an animal mask to put on. Artists like face painters & tattoo makers would make people colorful by their own style of art. Bonfire with some tribal music in the evening serves as a cherry on top.

Jungle Theme

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