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Mehndi is not just a way of artistic expression, it’s a ‘must wear factor’ in indian weddings.
A mehndi party is held at the home of the bride the night before the wedding and only women from the bride’s side get to attend. The evening is spent applying mehndi designs to the bride’s hands and feet. Indian mehndi designs use reddish-brown mehndi and fine lines, lacy or floral patterns as opposed to the large, floral patterns of Arabic designs, and large, bold geometrically-patterned black henna angles of African mehndi art. They often incorporate the peacock (India’s national bird), the lotus flower (India’s national flower), and an elephant with a raised trunk (a symbol of good luck).
wedding includes a number of traditions. Mehndi play a very important part in it, so much so that no indian wedding is considered absolute without it. Let us express your joy and enhance your traditions with our Mehndi designs.  A bride is not expected to perform any housework until her wedding mehndi has faded. So considering the importance of mehndi in mind we choose best mehndi designers for our clients. Ensuring that the mehndi design is custom made and leaves the perfect color and happiness on bride.

Our professional Mehendi artists specialize in creating various types of designs like:
•    Classic Traditional Mehendi Designs
•    Bridal Mehendi Designs
•    Rajasthani Mehendi Designs
•    Gujarati Style Mehendi Designs
•    Arabic Mehendi Designs
•    Mehendi Tatoos


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