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Saila Dance:-In the month of Nov-Dec, the villagers go to the adjoining villages to perform the Saila Dance. The Saila Dancers go to each house and perform this dance. Young boys from the plains of Chhattisgarh perform, in order to have great enthusiasm & spirit after the post-harvest time. Saila in its simplest form is also performed as the Dasera dance that is always performed by the Baigas before festival of Diwali. The Saila dance is a stick-dance that is popular in many regions of the state, among the people of Sarguja, Chhindwara and Baitul districts. But in these places, Danda Nach or Dandar Pate is known as Saila. Saila dance can be performed in number of ways. Some of them are named as the Baithiki Saila, the Artari Saila, the Thadi Saila, the Chamka Kunda Saila, the Chakramar Saila (lizard`s dance) and the Shikari Saila. Each form of variation is based on a certain theme and distinctive feature as its own identity.

The dancers have small sticks in their hand and this stick is struck, next to the stick of the person who is dancing near to him. They move in circles in clockwise direction, and then they turn around and move anti-clockwise.

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