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We provide Tappeta Gulla (Andhra Pradesh) Dance Troupe throughout India. Tappeta Gullu is a folk dance of the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is an enlightening and traditional dance of this fourth large state of India by area. In ancient time it was the part of Yadavs religion but now it spread out to other people of various religions.

Andhra Pradesh is a state of various tribal in which each of them has its own folk dance. Tappeta Gullu is one of them folk dance of Andhra Pradesh. Tappeta Gullu in general it is a saintly or religious dance performance of a group of people. It has a religious inclination with its performance style.

Tappeta Gullu is in ancient time of Andhra Pradesh performed by the villagers to worship for rains to goddess Gangamma. But now days its becoming a folk ethnicity which performed on a variety of festivals and celebrations in rural and urban both area of Andhra Pradesh.

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