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Arabian Theme Designers in Delhi, Arabian Theme Party Management in Delhi,theme party organizers in Delhi

Arabian Theme Party Organizers in Delhi

Flash back to era of caravans, the majestic castles of sultans, extravagant parties; Bringing Arab in India, feel the fantasy of Arabian nights surrounded by music and flavors. We mingle of artistic talent with authentic décor to create a unique fun atmosphere! This theme will take you back in time to the night of sultans, princesses, snake charmers, belly dancers and many a magical tale we heard as kids. Arabian mood is set by throwing in lots of floor rugs,arabian theme party planners India cushions and boulders in dark colors. We place lanterns, fabrics, oil lamps, incense, and candles throughout. A large sitting area is made using throw floor rugs, colorful brocade pillows and cushions. Hookah’s spruce up the décor a bit more and add that extra something to the theme. Rich red, orange, and gold tones for balloons and streamers are used. Decor items such as baskets, rugs, and feather fans, sandboxes and fake palm trees create an ambience of Saharan desert.

Arabian Night Set Up in Delhi

The illusion of Arabian nights is created by hanging stars and a crescent moon from the ceiling or ropes. The house is given feel of a tent by hanging sheets from the ceiling and draping them down to the walls & doorways. Luscious figs and olives, a desert backdrop, good wine, delicious food and above all a belly dancer complete the theme for an Arabian Nights party.

Arabian Theme Designers in Delhi

Invitations are sent in the shape of a genie’s lamp. Guests are provided with basket full of oils and candles as party favors. Empty wine bottles, decorated with paint and toy jewels are used as Genie Bottles to serve drinks from. Sand is scattered, surrounded with toy jewellery and chocolate coins to look like Aladdin’s treasure. Middle Eastern music goes well for the night. Belly dancers are hired to entertain the crowd.

Arabian Theme party Organizers

An exotic scene with paper lanterns, incense and golden candles is set. We drape sheer, silky fabric from the ceiling to create a tent-like effect. We arrange cushions on the floor and serve dinner on a low table with exotic food and large meat platters. Turkish breads and a huge collection of dips are offered.


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