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A team outing is an ideal way to take a break from your daily routine. There is something for everyone as the combination of Team Building Activities and Sports Activities offers excellent variety. The outing can take place at the venue of your choice or we can easily source one for you.


  • Leadership & Team-work
  • Individual Empowerment
  • Building Trust & Team-Bonding
  • Custom Designed programmes that impact
  • High-Performance & Confidence
  • Imbibe the tools learnt to apply back in the Work-place


  • Meditation
  • Spider Web
  • Burma Bridge
  • Cliff Jump
  • Nature Walk
  • Rappelling
  • Trust Fall


We can help you select and plan an activity for your people that will be a fun filled experience and would offer an excellent means of improving morale or team communication within a group. Generally speaking our clients report the following outcomes:

    • Increased cohesion and camaraderie among participants – a strong sense of team
    • The high impact learning environment promotes specific skills, knowledge and values that are retained over time
    • Learning is powerfully applied in the work place

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