Mughal Theme Party

Mughal Theme Party

Mughal Theme Party

Mughal Theme



Theme is created by using the Mughalai Architectural props like dombs and arch shaped backdrop duly lit up with spotlight.  Extensive use of flowers, which will enhance the total ambiance. Gadda and bolster seating is provided for guest to have their meals on chokies (small low table) draped with colorful satin covers.  While the guests are having their meals the staff attired in Mughal Maharaja costumes remain in attendance for service.  Famous Kathak dance is performed by the reknowned artists as was done for the entertainment of the guests in Mughal period.  In totality a Mughlai dinning experience is provided to the guests.



A Mughal courtyard is created with the help of domes and arches as if the courtyard is in the Red Fort.  The domes are illuminated with lights.  The courtyard is well decorated with flower strings and ferry lights to bring in the festive mood.  The large arches are used around the courtyard and as the backdrop of the dance performers.  These arches are further decorated with flowers, swords and shields.  Subtle bright light is used focussed on the side walls in such a way that they do not hurt the eyes.  Gadda and bolsters seating is provided on the floor.  Bolsters are covered with rich looking satin covers.  Small low tables (Choki) are provided for guests to have their meals.



The pathway to the entrance of the venue is lit with Diya Light on both side which is further decorated with rice /flower rangoli.  The gate is made with the help of domes and arches duly decorated with flower strings, spears and swords.



When the guest arrive, the welcome girls attired in lady Mughal costumes offer the Gajara (flower strings) tying on the wrist of guest and other girls shower the rose petals thereby traditionally welcoming the guests in Mughlai style.



Staff is attired in Mughal Darbari and Maharaja costumes who will be serving the drinks and snacks around.



Live Sitar will be in attendance in the beginning when the guests are arriving at the venue.  And the Kathak dance (famous dance from Mughal period) will take over once the guests settle down.  After the Kathak performance is over, live sitar music will carry on till the end.



Full Bar set-up will be in attendance where the bar tender will be displaying drinks mixing skills attired in Mughlai costumes.  Service staff will also be dressed up in Mughal Darbari costumes who will be serving the drinks around to the distinguished guests.



Mughlai dishes will be displayed on the buffet, which will be draped with satin and duly lit up from behind to match the ambiance so created.  Live Dumba and site cooking where the master chef will be displaying their culinary skills, which will entice the guests.



Guests will be offered sweet or sada pans (Beetle leaves) displayed in silver tail by the staff clad in Maharaja costume at the time of departure.



Mughlai Bawarchikhane Se


  • Salad Navratan (09 salads)
  • Phalon ki Chaat
  • Kismon ke Shahi /Papad/Chutney
  • Dahi Gujia

Asafjahi Shauque (Live Kababs)

  • Angare ka dumba
  • Nawabi Murg Zafrani
  • Jhinga Jhanara
  • Mahi Be-nazeer
  • Gulabi Parda-e-Seekh
  • Paneer Pudina Tikka
  • Rakabdar Ke Tandoori Aloo
  • Sunehri Khasta

Lagan Ke Tohfe


  • Laziz Pasliyan
  • Bhutta aur Khumb Taka Tak
  • Nizami Deg Se
  • Taar Korma
  • Nizami Chooza Makhan Masala
  • Sahi Tali Machli
  • Navratana Korma
  • Zauq-e-shahi Paneer
  • Aloo Bhukhara Kofta
  • Dhingri Ka Razia Salan
  • Lukmani Khiley Phool
  • Mirchi Ka Salan
  • Dal Panchmel
  • Dal Makhani
  • Veg. Chilman Biryani
  • Nan/Roti/Parantha
  • Bedwi Poori

Quli Qutab Shah Ki Pasand

  • Chini Ki Nazakat
  • Hot Jalebi with Rabri (Live)
  • Dhood Pakori Ka Muzaffar
  • Malai Chaap Ala Kism
  • Labh-e-Mashook
  • Display of fresh fruits
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