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Team Building
Team Building

Ananta Hospitality ( is a full-fledged service provider company for event planning, Theme Parties, Corporate Services, Wedding Planners, Show Organizers, Exhibition Management, and Decoration Management. Team Building Activity is one of the most important aspects for corporate world that every company seeks for, to maintain the team’s capability, ability and unity and collaboration. Team members can have break form their busy schedule in lease hours and go to beautiful location where they involved in various adventurous game activities that unites team members and helps companies to grow in the right direction. For this we have maintained our trend- setting reputation by exceeding clients’ expectations. We confidently approach every aspect of the needs and objectives, while working within their budget parameters. We are a New Delhi based company, a full fledged and developing organization engaged in offering flawless services for Team Building Activities.  Our key features lie in Timeliness, promptness, quality and cost effective. Our services are delivered as per the industry norms and recognized for the outstanding service. We are powered by a team of expert, executives and other skilled personnel who have years of experience in team building activities. They have gained high end cutting edge service solutions to satisfy our esteemed clients. Our professionals have knowledge about the details of diverse industries, which help them to comprehend clients’ requirements as per their detailed specifications.

Experience Learning Program

Programmes that enable young participants to be self-determining are more likely to result in positive developmental outcomes than those which impose rigid safety and behavioural regulations. Experiential learning programmes can provide opportunities for young people to be involved in programme planning, in establishing group norms, in group maintenance, and in communal ‘chores’. They can also offer opportunities for young people to be involved in processes of monitoring and assessment, in the identification of personal ‘goals’ and in the determination of subsequent intervention and follow-up.

This Experience Learning Program especially used at the beginning of a person’s new phase of learning, can help to provide a positive emotional platform which will respond positively and confidently to future learning, even for areas of learning which initially would have been considered uncomfortable or unnecessary.

It is important to use the best sort of learning and development methods for the given situation.

By developing people as individuals – rather than simply transferring arbitrary capabilities – we develop people’s confidence, self-esteem, personal strengths, and crucially a rounded sense of purpose and fulfillment which fundamentally improve attitude, life-balance and emotional well-being.

Experience Learning Concept

Experiential Learning (EL) is learning by doing. Based on the premise that people learn best from experience, it helps enhance your academic curriculum by helping you to connect classroom theory to real-life situations through hands-on experiences, leading to broad and long-lasting learning outcomes.

Experiential Learning Concept

  • Action or Activity
  • Review to develop under
  • Identify positives continue with confidence & Identify negatives Develop ideas to improve and over come
  • Select and apply improvement

Types of Experiential Learning Opportunities

In the Program  there are countless opportunities to participate in Experiential Learning. Every Experiential Learning opportunity is either ‘Directed’ or ‘Self-directed’.

Directed: The facilitator facilitates and supports the opportunity through use of tools and activities which assist the student in preparing for, succeeding in, and reflecting on the experience.

Self-directed: Activities or programs that have the potential to become a fantastic Experiential Learning Opportunity but leave it up to participating students to identify resources or individuals that can help them prepare for, succeed in, and reflect on the experience.

The Key Element Of Experiential Learning

The key element of Experiential Learning Program is reflection, as it is reflecting on the experience that turns it into a learning opportunity. Reflecting on their experience will enable them to discover and internalize the knowledge that they’ve gained and skills that they’ve developed.

Reflection naturally follows an experienced dissonance or failure. It is the key to turning both into a learning experience of a very lasting effect. It does not, however, come naturally to students to step back and ponder their experience, to derive from it some meaning or knowledge relevant to other experiences before making the next attempt. Motivation and opportunities for reflection have to be built into the process.

Original Level Of Thinking


This is basically a group fun activity, where group has to make funny body postures.


Passing The Rope :

It is an activity in which group has to pass the loop without touching the thumb.

Invisible Ball Passing :

In this activity group has to pass the ball (passing the ball is just an action, there is no ball) to the opposite team member by calling their names.

Entangle :

Group members are entangled with each other where every members has to coil the string and introduced him self to all.

Name game :

Group form a circle where every member has to remember an adjective along with name of rest members.

We Started With the Energizer , Ice Breaker and Continue With The

Team Building Games

Perfect Square:-

Every member of the group is blind folded and ropes are laying behind them, they have to form a perfect square out of them in given time period.

Spider Web:

A spider web is made up of ropes where group has to cross it without touching the ropes in a given time period.

Pipes and Marble:

Group members have to follow some rules and regulations and has to do goal marbles in given time.

Magic mats :  

It is an group activity where members are bound with their strategies and have to pass through acid river with the help of magic mats.

Ball Balancing :

Team has to balance the ball.

Balancing Ball on the ring:

Team has to balance the ball in the ring and cross the narrow path.

Trust fall:

Members of the team will fall from 5 feet height one by one and group has to resist them .

Sheep and Shepherd :

Group has to establish different communication styles like animal sound or bird sound or any sound which is not linked to human language and has to pass through the quick sand area without touching obstacle.

Commando Net

Net this made of nature ropes; where group climb them with army technique

Burma Bride

It’s a bridge which is made up of different kinds of ropes. Fist time this technique used by army in Burma during Second World War

Zip wire

Coming from height by the help of slanted rope setup, with all safety equipment.

Beam balancing:

Every member has to balance on the beam in given time during

Target jump:

Every group member has to jump for target with safety equipment.

We set activities according to location.


Our instructors are well qualified mountaineer and highly experienced of corporate and school program. They will stationed on different activities site with assistant.

We prefer world class equipments and are ‘ce’ certified.

lnitially the participants will be given a demonstration of each activity to ensure that they have fully understood the event and the safety aspects.

Though all precautions and safety measures are taken to avoid any injury or accident, the organizer cannot be held liable for any injury and/or accident.

We also reserve the right to amend/after/abandon the program, if the situation so arises.

Professional tuition is given on all our activities, with our friendly staff ready to help the inexperienced and guide the adventurous through a memorable day’s entertainment.


Improved will power:-

Though this activity, an average will power goes up right from the beginning, due to constantly handling tough tasks, such as walking in tough terrain, facing fearful situations, continuing in spite of being tired, converting lots of no into yes.

This is one of the highest human attribute can feel during this activity. It can only be felt, it cannot be expressed.

Overcoming fear factor:-

When we go in wilderness first time we see our own fear face to face, it’s because we start realizing the existence of nature in its fuller sense, & it eradicates our wrongly perceived beliefs such as snake will slip down, there must be some wild creature living in the bushes which will attack & so on.

Team work practicality:-

This activity can best be experienced with fellow mates, some or the other point everyone must give or take the help from other. All the experiences, achievements, failures &  joys to be shared with each other, thereby building a strong teamwork.

Leadership quality:-

While going through the entire activity one tends to think logically, practically, & with commonsense. One tends to think for well being & safety of the entire group, one tends to think of collection achievement, Aren’t  all these one of the few qualities of leaders?

Improved observation:-

While in nature we tend to observe things more carefully & for what it is, as against otherwise we tend & see what we want to see & not what it is. In nature we tent to perceive the reality.

Improved reflection & absorption:-

We tend to reflect sharply & absorb information more quickly, because in critical situations questions are to be answered promptly & precisely & instructions given are to be understood very clearly

Confidence Building:-

What comes first success or confidence? We say first comes ‘first step’.

Then comes a bit of success, which given confidence, then comes ‘strong next step’ that given better success & that builds solid confidence. So we suggest you must take ‘first step’ & that builds soild confidence. So we suggest you must take ‘first step’ for journey towards success. Beginning of this activity is way toward solid confidence.


Endurance is the ability to bear under adverse situations & still carry on until the work in hand is not finished. During this activity one needs to undergo tough situation which calls for extra efforts to carry on tough job, which in return makes your mind tough & encourages don’t leave attitude.


Perseverance is the ability to continue apparently tough task, which calls for long & steady efforts. It goes hand in life. In this activity one need to exercise both mental attribute to reach on top of the mountain, because temptation to give up is always lurking Around.

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