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We provide Brita Dance (West Bengal)  Dance Troupe throughout India. A state accredited as being the abode of many renowned poets, thinkers and artists, West Bengal has a rich tradition of folk art as well. Brita or Vrita dance is one of the most important traditional folk dances of Bengal. Mainly performed in the rural areas by the women folk, the dance is held in the premise of a temple to appease the deity and invoke the lord’s blessing.

According to the popular belief, the dance is performed in gratitude after a wish has been fulfilled. Brita or Vrita dance is also performed after a recovery from a contagious disease such as small pox, and so on. Kali Nach is another dance form that is performed during Gajan, in honore of the Goddess Kali. Herein, the performer wears a mask, purified by mantras and dances with a sword, and when worked up can make prophetic answers.

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