Entertainment Program Ogranizers

Entertainment Program Ogranizers

Entertainment Program Ogranizers


Envision offers wide variety of entertainments to cater to the needs of guest. The Guest just have to pick from our wide variety of entertainment to make the ceremony/ wedding a perfect wedding according to your dreams and will fit into your budgets and needs.

Choose Your Songs

Start by deciding which songs you’d like to hear during your ceremony and reception (see a list of top wedding songs). Naturally, the performers will need your song list – to make sure they can play or sing the titles you’re requesting.

Choose Your Performers

Below we’ve listed the most popular wedding music options. Remember, it’s best to have a general idea about the order of your service – soloist or ensemble for the ceremony? DJ or live band for the reception? This will be very helpful when selecting performers.

  • Wedding DJs
  • Wedding Bands
  • Wedding Orchestra
  • Wedding Singers
  • Musicians for weddings
  • Classical Dancers for leading the Bride and groom for Varmala or ring exchange
  • Entertainment wedding receptions
  • Live bands for weddings reception
  • Folk Dance Parties for Receptions/ Gala Dinners

Book the artist
Once you have decided on the band, singer or soloist, DJ or ensemble you want, book it quickly. Hesitating could mean forfeiting the performer you truly want. Envision has had the opportunity of having varied themes and events comprising of different music and entertainment. Different entertainment right from European Opera, Hollywood night, Bollywood night, Folk dances, Bands, Comedy shows, Music competitions, Polo matches, Classical Indian Dances to Champagne toast with synchronised computerised fireworks we have a good collection of suggestions and choices from our old function database and our specialist can suggest and guide you on what would be the best for you or especially tailor make a product to your liking.

List of Different Music and entertainment options are

Classical Indian Dances
Computer Animation
Folk Dances
Grand Folk Dance Event
Live Band
Live Clasical Music
Logo Fireworks ( Per Letter )
Magician ( Min 50 People )
Programme Live Projection
Puppet Show
Vocal Musicians
Western Dance Group

There Is Always Innovation In This Field Hence The Guest Can Always Select Their Own Performers Etc. In Case They Want Something Different Then Our Suggestions

Traditional Dances from Rajasthan and other States of India
MAYUR– Peacock dance is a local dance of “Brij” province where Lord Krishna transforms himself as a peacock and dances with Radha in the famous market of Barsana

GAIR DANCE– A traditional folk dance of Rajasthan. In this men dance in circle having sticks in their hands on the rhythm of Dhol and thali. This type of dance is performed in the streets, villages and cities on colourful festival of holi, specially in Rajasthan.

GHOOMAR– Ghoomar is the most popular traditional folk dance of Rajasthan performed by the women on festivals, functions and auspicious occasion, they wear colourful and rich dresses to perform this dance it is mainly a group dance but can be demonstrated as a solo item also. The dance has a circular choreography and every action and movement is in a circle.

BHAPANG– It is made out of a fruit shell, this instrument is rhythmical. Lower part of the shell is tightly parchment and a gut passes through it. Its stretch is adjustable. The player strikes the gut with his fingers to produce rhythmical notes. There are independence recitals too. This instrument is popular in the eastern region of Rajasthan.

CHARI– The women folk of in Ajmer and Kishangarh region performs this dance on auspicious occasion like a wedding and when the bridegroom is at the doorstep of bride with the marriage party. This is performed to welcome the bridegroom.. It is performed as a part of the worship offered to the sun and the pipal tree. Dancers having earthern pots on their heads and performed with folk instrument like dhol, bankiya and thali.

Bhawai dance: This is solo dance. The performer performs this dance with seven earthern pots or wheel of bull cart the dancers mainly emphasizing on the art of balancing

Kachi ghodi: The dummy of horse dance in which the dancer stands in the frame of the horse. This dance is performed before marriages procession in village of Rajasthan.

Ghudla dance: A festival dance performed during gangaur festival in Rajasthan.

Teera-taali: This dance is a religious dance performed by the kamad community of Rajasthan. This dance is of thirteen expression of day to day life shown on manjeera tied on foot to Knee of the women performer.

Fire dance: This is a religious dance from Bikaner region of Rajasthan. This dance is performed by the dancer with playing fire ,like insert and outer in the fire circle ,fire balls called fire eater

Kalbelia dance: a snake Charmer dance where female dancers dance to the tune of Been

Charkula dance: A dance where dancers dance with earthern pots having screen like holes and light reflecting out of those this is from Kota region of Rajasthan

Langa Mangniyaar: from Jaiselmer or Jodhpur

Gair dance: from Barmer

many more dances are there but are not very professional or popular.

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