Corporate Group Tours Package

Corporate Group Tours Package

Corporate Group Tour are a reward subset of an business, recognition or a loyalty program, which is a business tool used to change behavior to improve profit, cash flow, employee engagement and customer engagement.

When an organization properly designs an incentive program, which includes looking at all departments which will be affected, rather than just the impact to the department that is sponsoring the incentive, the return on investment can be proven.

Organizers India follows the steps that organization took to ensure that they received a return on their investment; they successfully merged acquired organizations into their company and that they successfully merged their incentive programs.

A travel reward is unique from other types of rewards because it is experiential. The anticipation of the experience drives behavior in a way that other rewards can’t. A cash reward is often absorbed into the participant’s day-to-day budget and is then forgotten about. However, a travel incentive reward contributes to behavior change because of its appeal.

Employees at this time are more knowledgeable, more sophisticated and exposed to better opportunities than ever before. Creating a positive work environment, getting them to perform at their highest potential, inspiring personal achievement and retaining talent is a challenge to any HR manager today.

The dynamic corporate environment pins the success of a business largely on human performance. Company bosses are coming up with original ways to keep their employees satisfied and motivated. The challenge is to select a reward that will match the employee’s expectations and keep him suitably happy. The right reward, HR managers realize, is crucial to success.

Incentives given to employees are integral to the concept of rewards and appreciation. These are used to motivate employees to achieve a performance goal. Pay hikes and bonuses are fine to get them to perform their duties. But when an exceptional effort is required to raise their personal performance bar, rewarding them with something out of the ordinary goes a long way in achieving results.

To get the staff excited about your business objectives, money isn’t always the best incentive. Companies who have rewarded their performers with holiday tours have found their investments paying off, with employees returning doubly motivated and loyal after the trips. Not everyone is goaded by money, and if you really want to reward a high achiever, perk up his life with a holiday destination that meets your resources and his choice!

Incentive travel has grown in recent years as Corporate India’s motivational and marketing tool. Incentive travel programs not only keep employees happy, they also push up your brand image.

Use our destination holidays to Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe as an incentive when you need your staff to go that extra mile. With our vast experience of organizing customized tour packages for corporate clients, our team is geared to help your business achieve its objectives and goals.

  • Types of Incentive Take Care by Us
  • Types of Incentive
  • Points Program Incentive

Points-based incentive programs are a type of program where participants collect and redeem points for awards. Depending on the program type and the organizational objectives, points can be awarded on a number of criteria including positive employee behavior, the demonstration of organizational values, repeat customer purchases, the sale of new products, increased overall sales, or even the use of proper safety precautions. In addition to point awarding, the levels at which points can be redeemed can be customized by the organization and set at virtually any level. Points programs are a way for organizations to motivate behavior over time while improving the organizations’ overall performance.

Employee Incentive Programs

Employee incentive programs are programs used to increase overall employee performance. Employee programs are often used to reduce turnover, boost morale and loyalty, improve employee wellness, increase retention, and drive daily employee performance.

Incentive to Consumer

Consumer incentive programs are programs targeting the customers and consumers of an organization. To increase in a company’s customer retention rates will increase the average lifetime profits per customer. Consumer programs are becoming more widely used as more companies realize that existing customers cost less to reach, cost less to sell, are less vulnerable to attacks from the competition, and buy more over the long term.

Dealer Incentive or Channel Partner Incentive

Dealer incentive programs are used to improve performance for dealer and channel resellers using sales incentive programs. It can motivate the staff which in turn only helps business. These programs help companies capture market share, launch new products, reduce cost of sales, increase product adoption, and ultimately drive sales.

Sales Incentive

These programs are primarily used to drive sales, reduce sales costs, increase profitability, develop new territory, and enhance margins. Sales incentive programs have the most direct relationship to outcomes.

A Sales Incentive Plan (SIP) is a business tool used to motivate and compensate a sales professional (or sales agent) to meet goals or metrics over a specific period of time, usually broken into a plan for a fiscal quarter or fiscal year. A SIP is very similar to a commission plan; however, a SIP can incorporate sales metrics other than goods sold(or value of goods sold), which is traditionally how a commission plan is derived. Sales metrics used in a SIP are typically in the form of sales quotas (sometimes referred to as point of sale or POS shipments), new business opportunities and/or management by objectivess (MBOs) independent action of the sales professional and is usually used in conjunction with a base salary.

SIPs are used to incentives sales professionals where total dollars sold is not a precise measure of sales productivity. This is usually due to the complexity or length of the sales process or where a sale is completed not by an individual but by a team of people, each contributing unique skills to the sales process. SIPs are used to encourage and compensate each member of the sales team as he/she contributes to the team’s ability to sell. It is not uncommon for the members of such teams to be located in different physical locations (often working in different countries) and for the product introduction to happen in one location and the purchase of such a product to occur in another location.

We offer all solution for The Incentive program like…..

Hotel Bookings, Transportation, Air Tickets, Rail Tickets, Gala dinner, Theme party, dance troupe, sight seeing, All meals, etc…


In the current globalization where business itself is a competition, companies have to take those innovative steps which must improve their overall performance and productivity. To make new plan, to identify new business area and to implement new strategies they have to have a proper place where they can meet and discuss and feel recharged. The objectives to organize meetings are:

  •     Identify core areas where company is facing new challenges and to   understand them.
  •     Improve team performance
  •     Enhance employee’s skills to generate more and more revenue.
  •     To make the organization an ideal place to work

While organizing such kind of meetings you have such kind of atmosphere where not only you can discuss and finalize new strategies but also it gives a feel of comfort, relax and entertainment. To organize such kind of atmosphere, we are here to arrange everything for you with our team of experts.

India’s lure as an incentive destination is growing steadily. India’s reputation and strength as a multi experience destination, the innate generosity and hospitality of the Indian people , and the creative abilities of its destination management, specialists in meticulous planning and value for money tariffs, are helping the country to emerge among the sought after incentive destinations.

The MICE sector, and within it the incentive travel segment, is witnessing a sizeable upturn. India has the choicest attractions for this segment, the Himalayas, bustling metros, great monuments, history and the culture of a five thousand year old living civilization, an amazing diversity of languages, dance, music and arts, cuisines, customs, climate, opportunities for royal life styles in palaces, forts and fine hotels, fairs and festivals, adventure sports like golf and spiritual experience. Shopping for an endless variety of handicrafts, from jewellery to garments and metals to woodwork, is a major Indian USP. Add to these, new concepts of wellness, through the country’s ancient ayurveda system, as well as high quality modern medical facilities, or be one with nature and sample rural tourism. The choice is bewildering.

Alpcord Network, specializing in incentive travel will take you to the delights of India and make your visit rewarding. We offer a perfect opportunity to enjoy a memorable vacation in India.

The most popular incentive choice in India is the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra which combines a three in one experience of metro life, a royal touch and the Taj Mahal. One of the must activities in Jaipur, at the Rambagh Palace, is a mock Indian Wedding, with all its colour and pageant, in which horses, camel and elephants participate.

A meal in a nearby village, where villagers play host, can be an outstanding introduction to the rural life style.

Within easy reach of Delhi are exciting places for adventure activities, like tiger spotting at Sariska or Corbett National Park. Rishikesh is a great location for river rafting along the holy Ganga, where you can also spend time at the ashrams for a brush with spirituality.

One of the most attractive places for the Maharaja experience is the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, part of which is still home to the erstwhile ruler. Here you are welcomed and garlanded by caparisoned elephants, and in attendance, are bedecked camels, drummers, musicians and folk dancers in their traditional costumes.

The Mehrangarh Fort, more than 700 years old, but in a well preserved state, is the venue for a magnificent Maharaja evening.

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Are you looking for the best corporate tour packages from your busy schedule of life? First of all, consider where you want to go for the holiday? There is lots of option today which deals with holiday packages for national and international holiday package, according to your budget. Today, many travel companies catering for corporate holiday tour package office employee.  From overnight cruises, economy airlines, rail travel night or day, you can utilize many forms of transportation. Many of us are often get confuse how to buy, where to buy and how to choose the right package that fit our needs. The first question arises in one’s mind that where to get these deals so that our requirement of spending holiday with employee will be suitable. There is lots of national and international travel agency which gives lots of attractive holiday package to allure customers.

So, your corporate tour starts with planning, negotiating, confirmation and pay early and promptly. Early confirmation will permit the tour company to safe all bookings and get even affordable hotel or better deal for you.

A good and reliable tour company must be able to handle all activities and needs outside the client’s office, such as luxurious bus; air or ship ticket; hotel booking; activities like meeting, training, tel-match, team building, adventurous sports to make your tour easy.

Corporate tour generally can be seen in group so employee experiences in handling large group of people are very important. People generally prefer the place which is cool and calm, nice to stay, the hospitality excellent and the surroundings peaceful.  The holidays enthralls corporate employee including the wives and kids, they do various activities and enjoy a memorable time. The entire employee really wants to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and energized. So, employees can look forward for another outing to another place to have fun.

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